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Summary: Learners’ workstream

This workstream focused on enhancing the experience of all learners across the FE system using Learning Technology. Emerging themes included that learners need a framework in which to share their digital skills with FE and Skills staff as well as with other learners, and that this work should be recognised via minimum wage payments or accreditation. It was also mentioned that learners should be consulted on recommendations which would affect them – although how this could be best achieved was not determined.

In addition, the idea that all learners need digital skills to enable them to fully participate in a digital society, and that assistive technologies can provide opportunities for learning for those who might otherwise be excluded, was also widely cited in discussions.

Draft recommendations:

  1. Scaling up the Digital Leader: empowering learners with digital technology expertise to transform teaching and learning models through widening (public- and private-) funded participation in ‘Digital Leader’-type schemes
  2. Empowering the learner voice: learners should be invited through the open conversation to review FELTAG’s proposals that will most affect them, and comment
  3. The missing link: funding the critical medium-term research gap for FE learner and provider digital needs. Create a funding plan so key research in FE learner and provider digital trends can take place and is accompanied by an implementation strategy connected to previous developments and recommendations.  Establish the ‘state of the nation’ in learner, provider, teacher, awarding bodies preparedness and abilities to make best use of learning technologies. This should help identify gaps, priorities and best approaches.
  4. Assistive Technology: providers must make better use of AT to improve learner outcomes
  5. Establish the extent to which learners of all ages are excluded from making positive use of learning technology

Your views:

  • Building on these proposals, what specific changes to the ideas for learners are needed to make the biggest difference to you?
  • Can you suggest any good mechanisms for achieving these recommendations?
  • Are there other issues relating to learners that should be considered?

Rate the learners’ workstream:

In your opinion, how useful are these draft recommendations on learners ( 5 = very, 1 = not at all).

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