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Horizon scanning and context

Summary: Horizon scanning and context workstream

This workstream produced an externally-commissioned issue-mapping and risk-scanning report on learning technology in FE. It also produced an FE learner and management opinion survey. Findings included:

  • Understanding the FE/VET sector as a learning system is important as globalisation and technological change are driving turbulent change that requires increased variation and experimentation in our FE system
  • Teaching practitioners are more curious than fearful of technology and are using a wide range of products and digital technologies in their practices
  • Lack of strategic direction among providers results in fragmentation of practice
  • Lack of headroom to support innovation and risk-taking, even where funding may be available in the sector, means providers generally leave innovation to others
  • Staff not encouraged to use or upgrade their use of technology results in many focusing their use of tech simply on mandated administrative processes

Your views:

  • Building on these findings, what specific changes related to horizon-scanning are needed to make the biggest difference to you?
  • Can you suggest any good mechanisms for achieving these recommendations?
  • Are there other issues relating to horizon-scanning that should be considered?

Rate the horizon scanning and context workstream:
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